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Heart and Home: Meet Gemini Properties

When the boxes are unpacked, the furniture assembled, and the knick-knacks artfully arranged on the mantelpiece, the last thing you want to think about as you drift off to sleep is snow management, condo fee processing, or association politics. Fortunately residents of the Condominiums at The Kelley School can rest easy knowing they’re in the capable hands of Gemini Property Management.

Since 1989, Gemini Property Management, LLC has provided condominium services to a diverse clientele throughout eastern Massachusetts, including residential, commercial, and retail properties. The company’s commitment to their clients is evident in their stated goal:

“We endeavor to operate in a manner that instills our clients with a distinct sense of confidence in our firm’s ability to not only provide the efficient and effective management of their resources and assets, but to also deliver a personalized level of service not often experienced by condominium owners.”

The team at Gemini operates on the golden principle of stewardship, aiming to care for your property as if it were their own. They take their residents’ commitments seriously: homeowners’ investments in their properties, the time and effort volunteered by the condo board members, and the pride all residents take in their home spaces.

Gemini’s focus on delivering the highest standard of property management means that you can focus on the finer things in your new home. While buying a condominium in the newly-renovated historic Kelley School is worthwhile in itself, Gemini manager Cameron Kitsakos thinks the local community is an equal selling point.

“Newburyport has amazing culture, and from both my business and personal experience, long-lasting friendships can develop quickly,” he says. “Beyond the investment of buying a home in Newburyport, [new residents] will also experience the expansion of its positive culture in the years to come, which is an excellent thing to be a part of. It’s safe, considerate and always improving.” Sounds like home sweet home to us!

Gemini’s 10 Practical Goals for achieving the highest standard in their industry:

1. To maintain and improve real estate market values

2. To deliver lifestyle/operations expectations

3. To operate within budget constraints established by the Association

4. To reduce the potential need of special assessments

5. To perform our fiduciary role in the manner conveyed upon us by the Trustees

6. To provide cost effective, prompt maintenance and emergency services

7. To operate effectively within the limits of authority conveyed to us by the Trustees

8. To respond promptly to the requests of the Trustees and Owners

9. To provide the general ownership with a network of quality oriented and dependable service providers

10. To promote community harmony and a general feeling of security and satisfaction

Visit to see Gemini’s portfolio, testimonials, and more!

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